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Unleash the Brilliance of Foil:

Elevated Elegance for Captivating Designs.

Foil options encompass an extensive array of textures and hues, neatly categorized into four distinctive groups. The process of selecting your foil is undoubtedly the most exhilarating facet of the foiling journey, and with a willingness to invest a bit extra, your choices become nearly boundless.

Firstly, metallic foils expertly emulate the allure of precious metals, including gold, silver, and copper. These hold a standard status amongst most printers, often available in-house within a limited spectrum. Yet, should you desire, you can also make special requests for alternative metallic foils such as rose gold or captivating metallic shades like red and blue.

On the other hand, pigment foils sidestep the metallic appearance, presenting an array of matte or glossy colors. Ideal for accentuating text or logos in a captivating interplay of color and texture, these foils seize attention effortlessly.

Pearl foils introduce a captivating pearlescent iridescence to colors that are predominantly transparent or translucent. Serving to bestow a tactile gleam rather than a full-fledged hue to a design, these foils stand as a subtly elegant choice, adorning sophisticated stationery like invitations and business cards with a charming allure.

Lastly, holographic foils masquerade as silver before application, only to reveal an enchanting spectrum of colors when viewed from different angles. This holograph-like effect infuses a sense of playfulness and youthful vibrancy when employed in the appropriate context, and these foils are particularly sought after for designs with a festive, Christmas-themed flair.

Clearwater Finishing & Packaging:
Expansive Equipment Range

14” x 22” Kluge
12” x 18” Kluge
12” x 18” Kluge
20” x 28” Saroglia
20” x 28” Yawa
Gerber CNC Machine, Model 404
Laborsaber Jigsaw
Complete setup for cutting, bending, and notching rule for dies
Moll Marathon
Haskins Hyperfold-2


Kugler Automatic Punch, Model 341-2
(2) GBC Hand Punch Machines
Twin Loop Binder Double Wire-O
Hand Doube Wire-O Closer
Unicoil Coil Applicator/Crimper
28” x 40” Miller Die-Cutter
20” x 28” Miller Die-Cutter
28” x 41” Thomson Die-Cutter Style 6
12” x 18” Kluge

Polar with Microcut System